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Various Poems
Keep Tahoe Emo.

Life is so great to live,
wake up with a reason.
took a waste and made it complete.
challenged myself and felt no defeat.
every step is forward,
and there is no backwards.
everything of the past makes the future better.
each breath is better because of change.
we havent lived till we felt this way,
this utter feeling of love i feel today.
no matter what others will wisper,
i know myself through and through.
so if you ever feel discurraged,
know that its because of you.

The following.
It starts out as a friendship,
and turns out to be a dictatorship.
dont listen to anyone but yourself!
you control your future.
what is cool anyways?
some word made up by kids with no self esteam,
that drag others into their selfish games of gossip.
you can only let your self be judged,
if you allow a jury to rate you.
stand up, scream and fight.
no one can tell you whats right.

" For Now"

Some people are just supposed to be,

together just you and me.

Im sorry i didn't worship our time spent,

if i could only do this over.

i picture us in the future.

you deserve to be happy,

i can give you that.

you make me smile,

and were both destened to be something.

A powerful combination we could be,

together just you and me.

As far as we are a part,

thats how much i love you in my heart.

look at your picture and sometimes wounder,

if again we weill be together.

If i could as for just one thing,

it be to hear you sing.

close your eyes and be with me.

Striving to be perfect,
starvation is his drug.
trying to be his best,
this never ending cycle.
"I'm fine, I'm okay"
he's in denile everyday.
everyone asks him to stop,
he dosen't know how.
broken bones and yet,
he starves with no regret.
He finds himself at the end,
wounders how he got this lost.
She never quits,
seeking to solve her problems.
brain bruised from childhood,
being sober feels no good.
no control over her own self,
pills and alcohol don't bring her health.
she says "i can't stop"
her personalitys from flip to flop.
He says "you call me sir."
wants me to see what he endured.
dissorder, dissrupted and disorentaed,
drinks untill he's sadated.
in the morning he thinks,
never again will i drink.
then the night falls down,
and the cycle turns around.
Hes stuck in a dead end,
pot and coke are his friend,
never wanted to sore
just wanted to fuck a whore
selling crack,
doing smack,
puts on a fake smile,
for mom and dad awhile.

This isn't a bomb,
it's my heart.
Although it's been blown,
your plan from the start.
who do i see?
this is impossible,
because this can't be me.

"Behind every powerful Woman is herself."