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Psychobilly (also cowpunk, a somewhat earlier name) is a term used to describe bands who play a genre of music heavily based in punk rock, but with many elements of rockabilly. In addition, modern psychobilly often resembles horror punk. Musicians of this genre are often associated with a hairstyle called a quiff, which resembles a mohawk.


Psychobilly emerged at the end of the 70's, early 80's.

At the center of Psychobilly was Klubfoot at the Clarendon in Hammersmith, West London. It has now been demolished to make way for Offices and expanded underground/bus station. Some say The Misfits' "American Nightmare" may have been the first psychobilly song but the first true psychobilly band was the Meteors who played at Klubfoot.

Soon psychobilly swept through Europe, Scandinavia and into Japan.

Psychobilly artists