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Tiffani Ann Henning


Bands I Like:
the clash, velvet underground, old misfits, jimi hendrex, bob marley, mc5, saves the day, Ramones!, the riff randles, shop11phoenix,pearl jam, nirvana, anatomy of a ghost, the who, Bob Dylan, sublime, rage against the machine, social distortion ,janes addiction, hanover saints, anguish unsaid, noggin tobboggin, bad religion, afi, himsa, the donnas, nekromantics, tiger army, rancid, the bounding souls, the white stripes, ELVIS!!!, the beatles, the juliana theory, coheed and cambria, sahara hotnights, nobodys star, operation ivy, iggy pop (stooges), the rolling stones, smashing pumpkins, greatful dead, black sabbath, iron madden, dio, posion the well, huntingtons, the international noise conspericy, the distillers, mxpx, oasis, refused, frank sinatra, the yeah yeah yeahs, pink floyd, led zepplin, the doors,cursive,taking back sunday, Vanessa carlton,a statix lullaby,tenatious d,no use for a name,Johnny cash, billy holiday,fiona apple, coldplay,sick of change, as i lay dying, the new york dolls, 30 seconds to mars,ac/dc,ace troubleshooter,atreyu,billy idol, buddy Holly!,Creedence clearwater revival, the cramps, rancid, dead kennedys, death campaign,guns and roses, hopesfall, John lennon, the kinks, Mike Ness,nofx (old),red hot chilli peppers,the damned, and tom petty and the heartbreakers,roy orbison, chuck berry, the angels, the virus, the hot snakes, lady tron, city of caterpillar, etta james, glasseatter,yesterdays hero (quack!!), the jealous sound, plans for revenge!! and for the design.