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HEY LADIES (Articles by Tiffani Henning)

*Published February 2003

VALENTINES DAY SUCKS! All you stupid "Little Ho's" with your perfect little boyfriends can fall off a cliff, thanks! I'm usually not this bitter, I just have a bad case of the No-boyfriend blues. What is up with every guy putting down the Tahoe girls? I happen to wear make up and skirts (when its above 5 degrees) thank you very much. I take pride in my girlie-ness and fuck anyone who dosen't. Just because not all girls up here prance around in mini skirts and tube tops dosen't mean they are not all beautiful and sexy. Why do guys make such a big deal what girls wear, and then all they try to do is get you to take off what your wearing. I'm not trying to stereotype all Tahoe boys, but it seems like thats what most do to us girls. Valentines Day, even if you have a special someone, sucks. You have to spend money for no reason. Why should you just act special to that person one day of the year? And not to mention all the excuses you have to think up on why you forgot it was Valentines Day.


1. Costs money usually.

2. Weird people ask you on dates.

3. Cavities.

4. Cupid (A fat kid in underwear, how romantic?)

5. Hallmark Cards.

6. Everyone saying "Happy Valentines Day!"

Now in other news, thanks to all those whom applied to my boyfriend ad. Which I have to say more than half were twice my age, or just plain stupid. That's okay though. Snow sucks right now, I hope by the time this comes out that some sort of mircle were to have happened. What's with the bad case of horrible pick up lines in this town? I know everyone heres pretty much on drugs, but lets try a little harder!


1. "Are you free tonight or will it cost me?"

2. "Cold out isn't it? ( while staring at boobs)"

3. "Help the homeless. Take me home with you."

4. "Hi. Are you legal?"

5. "Which is easier? You getting into those tight pants or getting you out of them?"

Things And People I Like This Month:

1. THE VILLAGE & Skatin' Worshipers ...great places to buy snowboards and clothese etc.

2. Boys on snowboards.

3. Valentines Day Panties Sales.

4. Sprout's Food ( The Resterant)

5. Jimi Hendrix.

Things and People I hate this month:

1. Valentines Day.

2. Goofy snow hats.

3. People who say "fo Shizzle" and those who say "for sure bro".

4. People who think Bush is the best President ever.

5. People who call me 'Tiff"


"Those who speak 3 languages are trilingual, those who speak two languages are bilingual and those who speak one language, are American" -Some random Kid at LTCC.

" Can we ever forgive Justin Timberlake for all that sissy music? Hey...ate least he got into Britney's pants!"-Details Magazine.

Thats all I got, untill next time. Keep those boyfriend applications commin'.

-Tiffani Henning








*To be published April 2003

For all of you who have no clue what A-town stands for don't feel bad because most people who know, don't want to. I'll tell you anyways, it stands for Auburn (CA) where there are few things that rock about this town and RELIK is one of them. With a mix of emotions and sounds they come together as what they call "Screamo" (emo+screaming=screamo). I sat down with Cris (vocals) Luke (guitar) and Sam (keyboards) from RELIK to disscuss their music.

Me: So when and why did you guys become a band?

Cris: Well Peter(guitar,vocals), Wade(drums), Matt(bass) and Luke were already in Relik and that's when me and Sam joined in November.

Sam: We became a band because of our love for music.

Me: Where did your name come from?

Luke: Only God knows.

Me: What other bands, if you had to, would you compair yourself to?

Cris: Hopesfall, atreyu, afi and The Used

Me: What do you find most your music is about lyrically?

Cris: Lonliness

Sam: Anger.

Cris: Nature.

Me: If you could play with anyone, who ?

Cris: Afi, The used, Hopesfall, Dead City Sunday (for all of you saying "dead city who?" don't be alarmed, they are another kick ass band straight from Auburn)

Me: What makes you musically diffrent?

Cris: We use metaphores that people can relate to in their own lives.

Luke: I think what makes us different we are kind of hardcore but then switch it up into a nice melodic session.

Me: Okay Milk or apple juice?

Luke: milk, cause it makes your bones strong..Peter would say apple juice, he hates milk.

So for all of you reading this check out RELIK at and Dead City Sunday and stay tuned for their upcomming shows from Sacramento to Reno.

Well March wasn't as bad as a month as I thought it would be. Turns out I got to go see The Donna's at the Fillmore in San Fran with OK GO and Rooney. Rooney was awesome and played live with much emotion while OK GO felt more like, OK shut the fuck up and GO away! The Donna's ( recently after 10 years of being an indie chick band from San Fransico recived their first fame when their hit single video "take it off" got played on mtv. So I was stoked to see them because I've loved them for so long, but was bummed when they only played new songs. Hey, at least i was 2 feet taller than all the 12 year olds at the show though, right? This war sucks and I don't like it at all. Its dividing our country once again.

Things and People I Hate this month:


*Boys that lie about not having girlfriends (bastards)


*Our shitty snow

*Not being in a band anymore

*Tahoe Bordum.

Things and People I love this month:


*The Donna's

*New shoes

*Boys with Emo hair.


*Fresh Starts

Well much love to everyone, shout outs to my dog chester (seriously my dog), Lisa, Amy, Rachel-n-Willi and all the people who don't like war and peace out!

-Tiffani Henning

I only have 2 typd up cause usually I don't keep them, so oh well...