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The Forecast
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To be choosen for an article to be written about your band. please fill out the questions bellow (BY EVERY MEMBER IN THE BAND) and email the questions and a picture of all members to Please only apply if you have a demo or mp3s on website, or if you are having a show in Eureka area....


Band Name:



Why you should be in The Forecast:



  1. How did you become a band:
  2. How long have you been together:
  3. What inspires your music:
  4. What kind of reaction from your town do you receive:
  5. What kind of recording have you done, and what kind of recording would you like to do in the future:
  6. Who are you biggest influences:
  7. What genre do you feel you fall into best:
  8. Where do you see your band in the future:
  9. Lyrically, what topics do you present to your fans:
  10.  What is a misconception people might have about your band:
  11. What have you learned so far being in a band, about yourself:
  12.  If you could go on tour with any band who would you choose:
  13.  What are a few goals you would like to achieve as a band:
  14. What are some other interests you hold besides music:
  15.  What kind of venues do you play mostly:
  16. What kind of music do you like to listen to on your own:
  17.  Do you have a website, if so what is the address:
  18.  When creating new songs, do the lyrics come first or the rhythm:



Random Questions:


  1. What is your favorite color:
  2. Who is your hero:
  3. What would you rather do; fly a plane or drive a train:
  4. How much wood could a wood chuck , chuck if a wood chuck could chuck wood:
  5. What did you ask for Christmas last year:
  6. If all your friends were jumping of a bridge, would you jump too:
  7. How do you feel about Arnold for governor:
  8. Do you kiss and tell:
  9. What kind, if any,  deodorant do you prefer:
  10.  Is the glass half empty or half full:

Boy Bands need not Apply. Sex Rockstars welcomed, and appriciated. NO sexy-ness required for article.